IMG_4114Emergency Food Aid

The first quarter of the year often brings desolation to the Jungle people in the form of massive flooding. Many villages will be underwater and many more cut off from being able to find food. JMA is one of just a few organizations that bring relief to these starving people, providing food bags and food items. Through the work of JMA many communities have begun to realize that God loves and cares for them and many have turned to Him as their Savior. Give a one time gift or set up an ongoing sponsorship.

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IMG-20140215-WA0086Mosquito Nets

You can save a life by providing mosquito nets. $30 provides two mosquito nets for families who live in malaria-infected areas in the Amazon. Give a one time gift or set up an ongoing sponsorship.

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Water Filterswater filter Many people in the Amazon do not have access to clean water. They have many health problems directly related to drinking water directly from the river. For only $50 you can provide clean water for 10 years for 3-4 families. After all shouldn’t every person have access to clean drinking water? Give a one time gift or set up an ongoing sponsorship.

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Jungle Pastors’ Conference:

IMG_2152JMA is committed to training and caring for Amazon Jungle Pastors. Some of these men and women travel for up to 21 days for a weekend of teaching at the John Paculabo Centre. They realize that the Bible teaching and practical training JMA offers will help them be more effective in pastoring their communities and building disciples of Christ. Our annual Pastor’s Conference currently includes pastors from three different denominations. In the near future we hope to offer pastor-training conferences 2-3 times per year. Give a one time gift or set up an ongoing sponsorship.

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Evangelism and Discipleship

Our short-term mission trips often focus on evangelism and discipleship in the villages along the Amazon and its tributaries. People cannot worship a God they do not know. One of JMA’s primary purposes is to introduce the River People to the God who loves them.

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JMA maintains relationship with the fourteen schools built by our friend John Paculabo and we plan to build two new schools each year. In all of these schools children are taught the national curriculum. Many are in locations where children once had to travel for hours often through difficult and sometimes dangerous terrain simply to get educated.

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Medical Assistance

The forgotten people of the Amazon often do not have access to medical care. JMA hopes to partner with Brazilian doctors and others in order to make access readily available to these vital services. We hope to even be able to build clinic buildings in villages as funds are available and to offer medical clinics at our John Paculabo Centre on the River Negro.

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2013-07-02 09.06.17Special Needs Kids

Currently we have a small group of special needs kids in the Amazon who are sponsored through JMA. These “least of these” are cared for, and their families encouraged, through regular visits, help with food and medicines, and the knowledge that someone loves them.

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