Mission Statement

Justice & Mercy Amazon (JMA) exists to Make Justice Personal by educating, equipping, encouraging and caring for the Amazon River people. We educate by teaching the principles of the Bible, as well as offering other practical knowledge. In doing so we believe the people will learn to live with greater purpose, a hope for the future and in harmony with one another. We equip by offering pastor training and training in musical, agricultural, technological and other useful fields at the John Paculabo Center. We bring much needed encouragement by traveling to villages, gathering the people together for singing, soccer games, small groups, activities for the children and visits to individual homes. As we educate, equip and encourage we also intend to care for the acutely vulnerable by providing for basic needs, such as food, clean water, access to medical care, as well as on-going support for children with special needs. In all things we seek to honor Jesus Christ and love those we serve according to His Word.

Justice & Mercy International

JMA is part of US-based Justice & Mercy International (http://www.justiceandmercy.org). JMI is a non-profit 501(c)3 that exists to mobilize the Church to reach the poor, the orphaned and the forgotten people of the world. Today, these precious ones are facing overwhelming and unprecedented dangers: human traffickers; diseases; substandard education; poverty; environmental dangers; and a lack of spiritual guidance.But there is hope. By God’s amazing grace, JMI is making a difference. Regardless of the country we are serving, our plan is to offer hope and help to the most vulnerable. Through our volunteer mission trips we wrap our arms around defenseless children and extend a hand of friendship to the poor and the marginalized. Through our sponsorship programs we invest in the long-term well-being of a child and by providing essential programs and services we rescue them from harm’s way. Through every action we demonstrate the love of Jesus. We invite you to join us in our work. Together we can  Make Justice Personal.

Needs we are working to address in the Amazon:


  • building schools
  • training & equipping jungle pastors
  • discipleship of the river people

Construction of homes, churches and schools, including:

  • the provision of essential tools and training in their use (such as table and circular saws, nails, etc.)
  • financing for some construction, including the purchase of cement
  • training for how to build items such as chairs, cabinets, etc.

Mosquito nets to fight Malaria

Water Filters to provide clean water

Medical Needs

• Trips designed specifically to meet medical, dental & vision needs.

Emergency food provisions during the flooded season 

• A food bag is designed to provide a family with basic necessities for one month.

Assisting Vulnerable Children

• Amazon Child Sponsorship Program in partnership with Pepe

• Special Needs Child Sponsorship Program

Community Development

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