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HB1_5356 (1)In short four weeks, a group of about 14 pastors, teachers and staff of the US and the UK will be the way of the Amazon. There will join us 60 pastors and their wives to Riverside our fourth. Annual Conference for Pastors Riverside. This conference takes place in John Pac training center in Rio Negro and is a flagship of the activities of the JMA. This year will be our biggest edition of the conference. The week will be training, teaching, worship, fellowship, and more.

For almost all participants pastors, this is the only opportunity in the year to receive investment and food this year. These bold and brave men beware and shepherding souls throughout the Amazon. They have preached the gospel in the darkest places. They have quietly walking in obedience despite the physical and amibentais obstacles such as floods and lack of access to basic needs such as clean water and food. While these men and their wives seek to further the Kingdom in the Amazon, our desire is that the Annual Conference for Pastors Riverside is a place where they learn from the experience of other pastors, they build a community with others, and are encouraged to continue to serve in their churches and their communities for the love of the Gospel.

How You Can Get Involved

First, we need your prayer! This is our largest conference and we are looking forward and excited about what God will do. Pray:

– For the journey of the pastors and their wives on their journey to the Conference. Many travel by multiple modes of transport;
– A team of pastors, teachers and staff traveling from the US and the UK. Pray for safety and your trip and sensitivity of what God has to teach, say and do during our time together. – A sense of truth and central Gospel is built there. Pray that bonds are formed between the shepherds for them to have to turn and work together. – Extensive resources to be raised. Pray that will resources for travel, food, boat, etc. They come for us to focus only on the ministry. – Vision and renewed focus for all involved.

Donate! We are still in search of raising $ 4,000 to completely arcarmos the costs of our Assembly in 2015. amazon2014-66 By increasing the number of participants, the cost of transport to these pastors coming at the Conference are higher than ever. If you would like to invest directly in advance of the Gospel in the Amazon, your donation for the Conference is an excellent way to do this. Donate here: http://bit.ly/1wlLViM

Thank you for your partnership with us as we seek to care for the poor and forgotten people in the Amazon. What rejoice Nations!


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