And the time is here!

After several months of prayer, preparations and hard work and we are finally ready for the great start of our Annual Jungle Pastor’s Conference.

We have about 30 pastors and 15 wives coming to the John Pac Center this coming Monday to receive intentional training on Theology and Leadership. We have volunteers coming from Manaus, UK and US to make this happen, for whom we are so very grateful.

On the 25th of January, as we wrote on our last post, we had 25 volunteers at the Center to do some painting and they did it so well!


We want to give a big thanks to our engineer from Madrid Engineering – Edilson Jr, Dodo, Loiro, Elane, Daniel, Raquel, Natan, Magno, Becky, Thalita, Dinho, Misael, Rani, Ana Cassia, Andréia, Ryan, Ana Paula, Malcher, Jhonathas, Brunno, Érico, Eriquinho, Fabio Alencar, Julia Reis, Elilei, Daniel, Wilson, Néia Lucena. Thank You!

We are also so grateful for all of you in the US and in the UK who have donated graciously towards the John Paculabo Center for this work to be accomplished.

IMG_8216 IMG_83421

Please pray for us this week:

Pray that the pastors will get to Terra da Paz safely; pray for the 13 Americans who are coming to the Amazon; for the health and safety of all; for the training itself and all the services we will have – may it be a time of renewal and equipping for these pastors; and for all the volunteers involved.

Our expectation is that God will touch these men and empower them to go back to their field strong and covered with knowledge and love.

“…For from him and through him and to him are all things.”



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