Our JMA staff recently took a trip to Terra da Paz to visit our John Pac Center where we have held several activities in the past, such as Vacation Bible Schools, trainings for Jungle Pastors, social assistance in the areas of medical and dental care, and more.

In FEB 2014 we will be hosting a Jungle Pastors Training Conference and we are moving fast in order to have the facilities of our center in the best shape possible to receive these pastors and their wives.

2013-11-09 11.34.37On our trip we got to see Gilberto and his family, who takes care of the Center and its surroundings. They are doing very well and are happy they are able to serve with us and take good care of the John Pac Center. It looks so nice and neat. I was excited to see that even though it is not yet completely finished, the building looked really great and was clean enough for us to have the Conference today.

Edilson, an engineer who is a friend of JMA, went out there with us and was able to put together a list of actions and materials we need to finish some of the areas of the Center that still need to be completed. We are currently planning a ‘construction trip’ in January for volunteers will serve by working to finish parts of the Center.

We plan and pray that in 2014 the Center will be used greatly to assist, equip, educate and encourage the lost and the Christian community in the Amazon Basin. We have projects for Brazilian Churches to use it for the retreats, as well as for serving the villages around it, and more.

We can’t wait to see what God will do with the assets and human resources He has given us!!! May He be famous among the River peoples of the Amazon.

Pray for God’s will over every and anything we embrace as a ministry.
Pray that God will continue to create opportunities for the work in the Center.
Pray that the projects for 2014 will be successful for the growth of God’s kingdom within the jungles of the Amazon.
Pray for volunteers.
Pray for the Churches along the river and the Pastors.
Pray for Gilberto and His family and all of JMA’s staff.

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