Photo Jun 18, 10 42 05 AMHave you ever known someone who was truly special? A person who is extraordinarily different, who challenges and inspire you? Some people were made to be different and change the world through their uniqueness.

At this time of year, when we choose to stop everything to celebrate the birth of God in flesh through Jesus, it would be hard not to think of others who he died for. Or even to think of how different He was from this world and the difference He has made in the course of humanity. A special gift through a special one.

As we serve in the Amazon, God continues to bring very special people our way. For many years, we have had partners who choose to support kids with special needs and change their lives through small acts of kindness. These families have been a great source of inspiration and gratitude to God for His strength, love and power over these kids’ lives. People who inspire through their attitudes through daily struggles and hardships caused by the limitation of these children but choose to fight and rejoice through the fight. Moms who can barely sleep because of the devotion to their children and their wellbeing. Brothers and sisters of these special ones who are so kind and loving as they work to integrate them in the world. In the midst of it all, there is joy, trust, strength and love. These are lasting and meaningful Christmas gifts.

Photo Jun 18, 10 46 29 AMHow is that possible? How can there be joy and strength in such conditions? The answer of many of these families would be – because He lives. It has been encouraging to see their dependency on the Lord for provision. These families are able to face everyday challenges, because the hope Jesus brings to their lives. We are grateful for the ones who have chosen to be Jesus’s arms and feet to these loved ones. People like Edimilson, Miriam and so many others, who have received help through your hands, are able to see God’s work and care in their lives. As we celebrate Jesus, we celebrate the fact that he makes himself alive today in us and through us.

Live it out! We appreciate you.

If you are interested in sponsoring a special needs child, please write to  [email protected]

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